About Me

Hi! My name is Leonidas and I’m an information security professional, with a passion for technical research. A complete CV is available here.

On this website you will find all my published work, articles previously released in other corners of the internet, as well as a few posts first released here.

Throughout my career I have discovered several vulnerabilities on software from companies like Cisco, Xiaomi and Wind Hellas, details of which you can also find in this space.

Recently, I’ve had the chance to present my findings at a couple of security conferences, the links for the talks you can find below:

Blurry, eyes-closed pic from BSides

My interests include reverse engineering, mobile security and occasionally I try my hand at coding, which has resulted to some notable projects.

With regards to movies, music and books (aka content to try and phish me with) you can find my lists below:

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If you’ve liked the stuff in here, spotted a mistake (noone’s perfect, not even the mighty Stig), or just feel like talking about the Premier League, feel free to ping me on socials!

Happy Browsing!